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 Need loans between individuals to face financial difficulties to finally break the deadlock caused by banks, by the rejection of your loan application files?
We are a group of financial experts able to make you a loan in the amount you need and with conditions that will make your life easier.

Here are the areas where we can help you:

* Financial
* Real estate loan
* Investment loan
* Car loan
* Consolidation debt
* Line of credit
* Second mortgage
* Credit buyback
* Personal loan

You are stuck, banned from banking and you do not have the favor of the banks or better still you have a project and need financing, a bad credit report or need money to pay bills, funds to invest in companies. So if you need a loan do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our conditions. For any other information, please contact us by email:

Loan Financial already has € 1,201,564,000 in projects carried out in Europe…
What if the next one was yours?

Our mission is to transform the banking system to make it fairer and more transparent.
We are making consumer credit faster, simpler and cheaper **. And savings more useful and more profitable.


Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
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Personal Credit

The advantages of a personal loan at Loan Financial

Sometimes you don’t have enough cash to finance the project of your dreams. Organizing a wedding, a trip, changing cars or doing work are expensive life projects that sometimes require a personal loan.

At Finanz, we are offering you a new 100% online personal loan experience for the financing of your project; you can sign your contract remotely and directly download the documents necessary to complete your personal credit file.
This online personal loan application experience is simple, fast and transparent. A financing solution that also allows you to take advantage of a particularly attractive annual fixed borrowing rate (or annual effective annual rate). What give life to your project without having to worry about tomorrow!
What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is a credit that is said to be “unallocated”. Indeed, the amount borrowed from a personal loan does not correspond to the precise purchase of a property (car, motorcycle, real estate, etc.). Therefore, the personal loan is not triggered upon presentation of an invoice as for “earmarked” loans, but simply responds to a household cash requirement.
Ultimately, the borrower is free to use the amount of the credit as he sees fit, whether for the financing of a consumer good (car, refrigerator, food …) or for any other service.
This type of credit can be issued by a bank as well as by a financing organization specializing in loans.
The repayment of a personal loan is typically done each month. Its duration, stipulated on the contract, varies according to the amount of the loan and the financial capacity of the borrower. The monthly payments take into account the total amount of the credit and its duration, the APR (annual effective annual rate) as well as the insurance, if the borrower has subscribed to it.

Amount and duration of a personal loan

Personal loans are governed by the Consumer Code, which defines a minimum and maximum duration and amount. As such, it allows you to borrow from 1,000 to 50,000 € from Loan Financial As for the repayment period, it ranges between 6 and 84 months.
Generally, the first monthly payment occurs 30 days after the funds are made available. The exact date of collection of this monthly payment is stipulated in the contract. The organization that grants you funding can also grant you a payment deferral of 2 to 3 months, but this is not systematic.

At Loan Financial, the first monthly payment is taken on the 4th of the second month following the availability of your funds.

Good to know: a fixed interest rate
If the APR (overall effective annual rate) varies in particular according to the amount and duration of the loan, it does not change in any way along the way in the context of a personal loan. Also note: the APR includes all costs associated with the credit.
What about borrower’s death insurance?

Before granting credit, the lender may require the borrower to purchase insurance. This is not required by law. In any case, it is in the borrower’s best interest to consider this optional insurance. Because in the event of a payment incident resulting, for example, from job loss or death, the insurance company will take care of repaying the outstanding capital.

It is also important to know that, even if the lender offers to insure your personal loan, you are still free to contact the institution of your choice.
Supporting documents for a personal loan file

The acceptance of a personal loan depends mainly on the resources and assets of the applicant. It is indeed crucial to make sure, upstream, that his financial situation and his capital will allow him to face the monthly repayments.

Thus, to prepare your file, Loan Financial requires the supporting documents required by law or in accordance with the practices of banking institutions. Nevertheless, we will not ask you to provide original documents: you will simply have to download your supporting documents on our platform.

Finally, you will be asked to provide a complete file in order to obtain a loan offer.
Information required to be provided by the lender

In their offer, financial institutions are required to mention in particular :

– The identity and address of the lender;
– The duration of the contract;
– The type of credit;
– The total amount due;
– The amount of credit;
– The conditions of availability of the borrowed sum;
– The total cost of the charges;
– The existence of a withdrawal period;
– Compensation to be paid in the event of late payment.

All this information enables the applicant to know whether the credit is adapted to his financial situation and needs.
Personal loan at Loan Financial: an innovative credit solution

In Europe, Loan Financial is the only retail lending platform with its own authorisation as a credit institution issued by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (authorisation no. 16488).

Of all French credit institutions, Loan Financial is the only one to offer loans between individuals, but not exclusively. The principle is simple: professional investors (individuals, but also legal entities: companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds, etc.) directly finance personal loans to households.

With this alternative and innovative solution, Loan Financial is transforming the banking system to make it fairer and more transparent with a model in which savings are used to finance personal loans to households.

In addition to the “classic” financing options offered by banks, Loan Financial puts innovation at the heart of its service to offer a cheaper**, fast, transparent and secure loan solution.

Ask for your personalised offer now!
Personal loan: the advantages of Loan Financial

For borrowers, calling on Loan Financial means benefiting from a personal loan at fair and competitive rates. Our rates are the most competitive on the market between €1,000 and €3,000. We offer exclusively amortizable personal loans, with fixed rates and constant monthly payments, with no hidden costs.

In addition, we offer you exceptional speed: our technologies for analysing personal loan applications allow you to finance a project in record time; a response in principle is given immediately at the end of your online personal loan application. Once your file is completed from your home, a final response is sent within 24 hours*.

The automation of certain loan application processes allows for objective and instantaneous decisions, avoiding biased judgements and intrusive questions.

Finally, Loan Financial opens the personal loan black box. The borrower is thus informed in full transparency and in real time of each step in the processing of his file, by SMS, e-mail and on his client space. Explanations on his personal credit and the progress of the processing of his file are provided in simple and understandable terms by our advisers who you can contact by email, chat, Facebook Messenger and Telephone! Our customer service is 100% based in France.

The funds lent come directly from the investments of our community of investors: Loan Financial has a duty to rigorously study the creditworthiness of borrowers, and in case of refusal informs them instantly.

In order to find the most attractive offer, and thus reduce the total cost of your personal loan, a comparison is necessary. To find out our rates, make a personal loan simulation directly online!
The three key points to remember about personal loans:

– The acceptance of a personal credit depends on the ability of the borrower to meet the chosen monthly payments (capital held, financial situation).
– The amount of the loan can range from €1,000 to €50,000, and the repayment period – from 6 to 84 months. It can cover the financing of a consumer good or any other service.
– Taking out insurance is not compulsory, but some lenders may require it; in any case, the choice of institution is up to the borrower.

 Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  - 
WhatsApp Telephone - France : +33 7 51 91 89 04

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In order to move forward in life, we all have to take out consumer loans or mortgage loans in order to be able to move forward in life.
These real estate loans or these consumer loans may have as their object: the acquisition of real estate, the financing of a vehicle, the carrying out of work, help to a loved one, the financing of children's studies, development of his property .....

Often the accumulation of monthly payments for these different loans (real estate or consumer) becomes heavy. This is why there are financial solutions allowing to reduce the existing monthly payments while increasing the purchasing power of each one and allowing to save again.

The repurchase of unsecured credits, more commonly called repurchase of consumer credits, is a financial solution for people who already have several loans (real estate and, or consumer) in credit organizations and or, banking institutions and wishing to reduce their monthly payments.

The repurchase of consumer loans is a loan with a term of up to 12 years. Most of the time, it comes with cash to prevent future charges (taxes, work, various purchases, etc.), without changing the bank.

The company LOAN FINANCE is at your service to assist you in your process of consolidating an unsecured loan.

Loan repurchase without guarantee for tenants
The repurchase of unsecured credits, or repurchase of consumer credits, aimed at tenants or lodgers, makes it possible to reduce the existing monthly payments while promoting the increase in purchasing power.

The new monthly payment will be added to the rent paid while respecting bank debt standards. The repurchase of loans for tenants can reduce existing monthly payments by up to 60% and makes it possible to carry out and finance new projects. LOAN FINANCE, your loan repurchase broker (and loan consolidation), supports you in your process in order to carry out your project and find the most interesting banking conditions.

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  - 
WhatsApp Telephone - France : +33 7 51 91 89 04

Email: /





A loan adapted to your desires of escape to which you subscribe online!

Do you like comfort as much as nature? Choose a new or used mobile home with our credit designed to meet your needs. All you have to do is choose your location!

    Simulate your Mobile Home loan and choose its terms
    Apply for a Mobile Home Loan online (2)
    Get an immediate policy response (1)

    Receive the funds as soon as your file is accepted (3)

Mobile Home loan: the caravan all year round

The depreciable loan is a consumer credit that helps finance the projects of individuals. It is the financing solution adapted to the purchase of a mobile home, a dwelling mounted on a rolling chassis. This can be financed by a loan allocated to the purchase of mobile homes.
Mobile Home loan: a habitat for all seasons

Technological progress and the search for more comfortable accommodation have allowed this type of housing to flourish. The Mobile Home Loan is the financing solution to carry out this project. This particular construction is a hybrid between a house and a caravan. It is a housing, habitable all year round, which rests on a rolling frame. On the other hand, this vehicle rarely circulates on the road, and requires an exceptional convoy to be routed to its place of destination.
Loans for mobile homes

What category does the mobile home belong to? Is it a trailer or a house? At Sofinco, loans for these mobile homes are similar to those granted for the acquisition of vehicles (motorhomes, etc.): they are assigned credits. By definition, this category of loan implies that the application must include, among other things, proof of purchase.
Regulations related to trailers

A mobile home is defined in France according to the AFNOR standard as a leisure residence. This standard defines among others the following elements:
- A living area of ​​40 m2 maximum.
- The obligation to settle in a campsite.
- It cannot be a primary residence.
- The mobility of the vehicle must be ensured at all times if necessary.
Prepare the request for your Mobile Home Loan

Brand of the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group offers financial solutions tailored to each client according to their life plans. For the purchase of a mobile home, a simulation and a loan request can be made directly on our website. This gives the possibility of obtaining an online financing proposal which includes all the financial information of the loan such as the Annual Global Effective Rate (APR) and the monthly payments.


Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  - 
WhatsApp Telephone - France : +33 7 51 91 89 04

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Personal loan



The personal loan, urgent credit or urgent credit express is in France a category of consumer credit whose characteristic is that it does not finance a specific purchase (unaffected loan). Like any consumer loan, it is taken out by an individual for a period of between a few months or a few years (generally not beyond 7 years) under which it is made available to a natural person, after the legal deadline withdrawal, a sum of money that will be reimbursed in periodic installments, most often monthly installments.

Realize all your projects with personal credit or personal loan.

Borrow up to 500,000,000 euros, enough to make all your desires come true! What's your next project?
Buy new furniture, Go on a trip, Finance studies, Get married, etc.

All of this can be financed through a personal loan.

Are you facing an unforeseen expense? A personal loan also allows you to pay your taxes, pay a hospital bill, finance the funeral of a loved one ...

Who can sign a credit agreement?

Anyone can take out a personal loan. There are, however, three conditions to be met:

Being older than 18,
Receive income regularly,
Be able to repay the personal loan.

How much can I borrow?
With us, you can borrow between 1,000 and 500,000,000 €

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  - 
WhatsApp Telephone - France : +33 7 51 91 89 04

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Online loan



We will guide you step by step to obtain your loan within 72 hours
Depending on the amount to borrow, check your repayment capacity before committing.
You can apply for between (€ 1,000 to € 999,999) over a period of (1 month to 600 months maximum).

All documents provided will be self-verified against the European Union database associated with our secure system (AI).


1 - Of course, you will need to bring a valid identity document (Please note, the driver's license is not an identity document).
2 - You must also bring with you proof of address of less than three months,
3 - your last three payslips or proof of income and allowances,
4 - Your employment contract or any other proof of your worker status is required,
5 - as well as proof of your loan application which summarizes your project. For this last point, it can be an invoice, a quote or even a sales or purchase agreement.
6 - Company managers will be expected to provide their last two tax packages. A provisional balance sheet and signed quotes for the coming years will be appreciated.
7 - Once the contract is established, it is instantly transmitted to the tax authorities ( via our API) for registration and tax declaration. It is wise to make the tax declaration of the deed of loan in order to establish without dispute the date on which it was drawn up, the amount due and to pay the administrative costs automatically to have the document justifying the source of the funds. to avoid even a lawsuit against money laundering.
8 - Only the amount of the credit registration to the tax authorities is the responsibility of the customer, that is to say your responsibility.
9 - After the declaration and registration with the tax authorities, this will be followed by the disbursement of the credit by our partner bank that you must receive in your account within 72 hours maximum depending on the amount as well as a letter sent to you by post office box however mention of the authorization request for monthly withdrawals that you must sign and return to us.
10 - If the conditions suit you, please confirm it so that we can start opening your file.

NB: the amount of the tax registration cannot be deducted from the amount borrowed for compliance with the clauses of the contract.


Contact us today to make your financing request

Send us your request indicating the amount you want to lend.

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  - 
WhatsApp Telephone - France : +33 7 51 91 89 04

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As life becomes more and more expensive, we all have recourse to taking out loans to buy everyday consumer goods, develop housing, acquire a means of transport, finance the purchase of real estate ...

The monthly payments of these different loans are not always adapted to our budget and the accumulation of these monthly repayments becomes stifling. This is why the repurchase of credits exists.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It is more commonly called:

- Loan buyback
- Real estate loan buyback
- Loan consolidation
- Credit restructuring

This solution allows you to find financial peace and a balanced budget.



The repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans and the consolidation of credit is a financial solution allowing to decrease your monthly payments, being able to go up to 60%.

LOAN FINANCE undertakes to find you the best financial conditions, with our banking partners, by buying back all (real estate loans and consumption) or part (consumption loans) of your credits and to allow you to have a single monthly payment adapted to your income.

The repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans is often accompanied by a more or less important cash being used to finance a project without increasing its monthly expenses, to envisage a future project (purchase vehicle, studies children, house work, transition to retirement. ...)



Any individual can have access to a repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans.

That you are :

- Owner, tenant or lodged free of charge
- Employee, Retired, Artisan Trader, Company Manager, Liberal Profession ...
- Married, Single, Divorced or Widowed

The reasons for resorting to a Credit Buyback or Loan Buyback are numerous and may be different depending on each person, but the end goal is the same for everyone: A significant reduction in your monthly payments and a return to a controlled budget.



There are 5 main steps to get your loan buyback or loan buyback:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

1. The request:

Contact us by making a request on our site, by phone or by email, in order to tell us about your situation and your project.


2. The LOAN Finance proposal:

A dedicated LOAN FINANCE advisor will make a financing proposal online and send you a list of documents in order to put together your file.


3. The constitution of your file:

You can send us the requested documents by email, scan, letter, fax ... so that your LOAN FINANCE advisor can analyze your file and submit it to our banking partners.


4. The banking agreement:

A banking agreement has been obtained and a loan offer is sent to your home. This will include all the conditions concerning your new loan.


5. The release of funds:

Your new loan is set up and the old loans are all repaid.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

See an example of credit redemption.

We also bring you answers when the repurchase of consumer credits and the repurchase of credit for over-indebtedness.


Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  - 
WhatsApp Telephone - France : +33 7 51 91 89 04

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Property loans - Real estate loan



To get the best rate, comparison is a key step.

Because you are embarking on a real estate project, a first purchase, a rental investment, the purchase of a second home or a real estate loan buyback, the financing conditions, and in particular the real estate rate, occupy your thoughts. Loans, a financing broker, will accompany you in this stage of life and will negotiate the best conditions for your mortgage for you.

The period is indeed very favorable for financing the purchase of real estate with a mortgage. Why not take advantage of the low rates and longer terms? Moreover, in addition to protecting borrowers from over-indebtedness, the State and communities greatly promote home ownership, particularly through the many assisted loans, to which you may be entitled!

To put the odds in your favor, be well prepared. Loan Financial has rolled up its sleeves to analyze how a mortgage works in the following lines and help you achieve your project!

1. Understand everything about mortgage loan
How does a mortgage work?

Understanding how a loan works means mastering the concept of "interest". They represent both the main cost in financing a real estate acquisition and the heart of the mechanics of banks. In addition, the operation of a mortgage is not very intuitive! So we are giving you some clarification.

Most borrowers have a so-called amortizable loan (more on this below). How does it work ? Already, remember that you will have to pay interest and part of the principal on each monthly payment, but the share of both changes during the loan. Moreover :

The monthly payments are constant;
The interest is proportional to the outstanding capital. Calculate your interest.

They are therefore important at the start of the loan and decrease over time. The repaid capital (or amortized capital) is the difference between the monthly payment and the interest paid. Unlike interest, the repaid capital increases from month to month.
In addition, the mortgage is in the majority of cases associated with a personal contribution. This is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket when you buy it. Generally banks ask to contribute at least 10% of the price of the property, which corresponds to the notary and guarantee fees. In fact, the more money you have, the more reassured your banker will be - but that's no reason to put your money aside, keep a safety mattress!
Guarantee and insure your mortgage.

Home loan insurance
You can not cut it, taking out borrower insurance is mandatory to obtain a mortgage. And so much the better, since it guarantees the reimbursement of monthly payments in the event of a hard blow. It’s even a great way to protect yourself and your family.
There are several possible levels of coverage, from minimum subsistence to more comprehensive coverage. The minimum level of coverage varies depending on the project. Death insurance is compulsory. It ensures the repayment of the loan in the event of the death of one of the co-borrowers. It is always coupled with one or more disability insurance. There are several types of contracts covering different degrees of disability (partial or total) and inability to work (temporary or irreversible). The cost of insurance varies widely depending on the contract, Loan Financial can help you minimize it.

To guard against the risk of default, banks require that the loan also be covered by a guarantee. It allows the reimbursement of the credit in the event of payment default outside of cases covered by insurance. This collateral costs you around 1% of the loan amount. There are two types of guarantees: surety organizations and mortgage (or real guarantee). The choice of guarantee depends partly on the bank: some banks will almost always favor the guarantee, others the real guarantee. A bond is generally less expensive than a real security.

Choosing the right mortgage

There are different types of loan: most real estate loans granted in France are said to be “amortisable”.
Redeemable loan
The depreciable loan is the most common, it is the one that we offer in most cases after the simulation of your mortgage. Its duration varies between 5 and 30 years, but in Germany borrowers choose an average of 18 years, according to Crédit Logement.


Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  - 
WhatsApp Telephone - France : +33 7 51 91 89 04

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Individual personal loan



Money loan from individual to individual

There is only one solution for this: Contact a "lender".
To borrow a sum of money, it is not mandatory to contact a bank.
Most often, this takes place in a framework with LOAN FINANCIAL DE LOAN D'ARGENT RAPIDE ET RELIABLE '' and you will be satisfied within 48 hours.
Few are those who then formalize this operation in writing ... and many are those who bitterly regret it!

The depreciable personal loan is a bank financing technique allowing households to purchase consumer goods or finance their personal needs. Multiple projects can be financed by taking out a personal loan: Car purchase, home renovation and work, travel, weddings, births ...

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Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin Germany.

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Phone number:

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A loan adapted to your boat needs, coupled with an online subscription (2)!

Do you want to challenge the sea? New or used, with or without contribution, sail or motor, whatever the boat of your dreams, the Boat Loan allows you to carry out your project with peace of mind.

    Simulate your financing and choose its terms
    Apply online (2)
    Get an immediate policy response (1)

Receive the funds as soon as your file is accepted (3)
Boat loan: support your projects on the ocean

A consumer loan or credit is a financing service that supports all individual projects. Buying a boat is one of them. Boat loans are designed to adapt to different projects: from pleasure boats to jet skis to enjoy nautical activities in all seasons.
A boat loan to set sail

Applying for a loan to purchase a boat means giving yourself the opportunity to access a variety of nautical activities. Fishing and boat trips are part of it. Apart from the sailboat or a mechanically propelled vessel, the boat loan also allows the financing of a jet ski, which will not require a place of anchorage.
Boat loans: safe boating

Whichever boat you choose, the key is the ocean. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the safety of the passengers. Before applying for a loan, you must ensure that you have the necessary knowledge for safe navigation with, for example, motorized pleasure boats. Likewise, it is important to ensure that you have on board the regulatory safety equipment (vests, fire extinguisher, pump, etc.).
What credit to finance your ship?

Loans for financing ships are comparable to those for land vehicles. The loan used to acquire your boat is an assigned loan. This means that you will need to attach proof of purchase with the other elements of the loan application file. If the latter is the subject of a favorable opinion, the borrower will receive by mail a detailed credit agreement offer. This must include in particular the purchase price of the boat. The borrower will then have a 14-day withdrawal period before committing.
The boat loan

Founded in 1951 is a lending institution, brand of the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group, and a national expert in consumer lending. For the different types of boats, new or used, it is possible to simulate your loan to know, among other things, the fixed annual percentage rate (APR) and the monthly payments to be repaid.

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
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Quel est le meilleur moyen d'obtenir un prêt immobilier ? -