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 Need loans between individuals to face financial difficulties to finally break the deadlock caused by banks, by the rejection of your loan application files?
We are a group of financial experts able to make you a loan in the amount you need and with conditions that will make your life easier.

Here are the areas where we can help you:

* Financial
* Real estate loan
* Investment loan
* Car loan
* Consolidation debt
* Line of credit
* Second mortgage
* Credit buyback
* Personal loan

You are stuck, banned from banking and you do not have the favor of the banks or better still you have a project and need financing, a bad credit report or need money to pay bills, funds to invest in companies. So if you need a loan do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our conditions. For any other information, please contact us by email:

Loan Financial already has € 1,201,564,000 in projects carried out in Europe…
What if the next one was yours?

Our mission is to transform the banking system to make it fairer and more transparent.
We are making consumer credit faster, simpler and cheaper **. And savings more useful and more profitable.


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A loan adapted to your desires of escape to which you subscribe online!

Do you like comfort as much as nature? Choose a new or used mobile home with our credit designed to meet your needs. All you have to do is choose your location!

    Simulate your Mobile Home loan and choose its terms
    Apply for a Mobile Home Loan online (2)
    Get an immediate policy response (1)

    Receive the funds as soon as your file is accepted (3)

Mobile Home loan: the caravan all year round

The depreciable loan is a consumer credit that helps finance the projects of individuals. It is the financing solution adapted to the purchase of a mobile home, a dwelling mounted on a rolling chassis. This can be financed by a loan allocated to the purchase of mobile homes.
Mobile Home loan: a habitat for all seasons

Technological progress and the search for more comfortable accommodation have allowed this type of housing to flourish. The Mobile Home Loan is the financing solution to carry out this project. This particular construction is a hybrid between a house and a caravan. It is a housing, habitable all year round, which rests on a rolling frame. On the other hand, this vehicle rarely circulates on the road, and requires an exceptional convoy to be routed to its place of destination.
Loans for mobile homes

What category does the mobile home belong to? Is it a trailer or a house? At Sofinco, loans for these mobile homes are similar to those granted for the acquisition of vehicles (motorhomes, etc.): they are assigned credits. By definition, this category of loan implies that the application must include, among other things, proof of purchase.
Regulations related to trailers

A mobile home is defined in France according to the AFNOR standard as a leisure residence. This standard defines among others the following elements:
- A living area of ​​40 m2 maximum.
- The obligation to settle in a campsite.
- It cannot be a primary residence.
- The mobility of the vehicle must be ensured at all times if necessary.
Prepare the request for your Mobile Home Loan

Brand of the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group offers financial solutions tailored to each client according to their life plans. For the purchase of a mobile home, a simulation and a loan request can be made directly on our website. This gives the possibility of obtaining an online financing proposal which includes all the financial information of the loan such as the Annual Global Effective Rate (APR) and the monthly payments.


Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  -  France: +33 7 56 87 29 46
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Auto Credit




Take advantage of the best offers - We negotiate for you the best financing conditions for your car loan, new or used purchase - Your broker is close to you

All our brokers and employees are located in Ile-de-France, at the gates of Paris. - You are accompanied step by step

Your certified broker guides you throughout your project, right up to the signing of your car loan. - Manage everything online, securely

Send your documents in one click from your secure personal space: it's easy and mobile!

Car loan: essential before buying!

 Changing cars seems complicated to you. You have to choose the right model for your needs, driving style and tastes, and above all, find the vehicle that suits your budget. Thanks to the auto loan, even without savings, it is possible to match reason and passion when changing car. To be sure of your choice before committing, carrying out a simulation for a loan concerning the purchase of a vehicle is even essential.
Choose car loan

 Auto credit is a so-called "affected" consumer loan, that is to say exclusively dedicated to the financing of a new car. It can be a loan for the purchase of a new or used vehicle. The bank or lending institution makes the necessary sum available to the borrower to purchase the car. If the sale is not made, the credit is canceled. To know your budget in relation to your borrowing capacity, it is advisable to carry out a loan simulation for the purchase of a car.
The car loan simulation

 Before embarking on the search for a new car, it is necessary to know the loan conditions. Thanks to the auto credit simulation, the future buyer can know at what rate he can borrow and especially what amount he can get. The loan amount is then used to select the car model in the right price range! For auto credit more than for any other consumer credit, loan rates are very attractive. It is possible to obtain loans around 2% by borrowing more than 5,000 euros. These very attractive loans mainly concern loans that are spread over a period of less than 4 years.
Auto budget: anticipate all costs!

 The amount of monthly payments is not the only factor to consider before buying a new car. It is also necessary to find out beforehand about the price of insurance, as well as consumption and the cost of maintenance.
Auto credit between a new or used car

For the purchase of a new or used vehicle, the way the auto loan works does not change.
Obviously, prices are very often different between a new and used vehicle. Therefore, the volume of credit is not the same. But in the case of a new vehicle, the banker takes into account the contribution of cash to the resale of the vehicle if this takes place within the first 5 years after the purchase.

In the case of a used car, even if the price is less important, the cash inflow on resale is often less. Before taking out a car loan, carefully calculate your car borrowing capacity so that you have an idea of ​​the maximum loan you can apply for.

Auto loan: the choice of security
The car loan being exclusively dedicated to the purchase of a vehicle, the purchaser is covered if the purchase is not successful. It is also if the loan is not accepted. And this, again, whether he opts for a new or used car. Concretely, this translates into:

- A null and void sales contract if the borrower does not get the loan;
- Automatic cancellation of the credit if the car is not delivered;
- A first monthly payment taken only when the buyer has received the vehicle.

Thus, the buyer does not have to repay a debt which, ultimately, is not until the asset is in his possession.

Good to know: an important note to appear on the order form.
On the order form prepared by the seller, be sure to mention that obtaining the loan is a condition of the purchase of the vehicle.

Also note that, in accordance with consumer law, you have a 14-day withdrawal period. This applies both to the credit itself and to the purchase of the vehicle.

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  -  France: +33 7 56 87 29 46
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Assurance credit auto -





As life becomes more and more expensive, we all have recourse to taking out loans to buy everyday consumer goods, develop housing, acquire a means of transport, finance the purchase of real estate ...

The monthly payments of these different loans are not always adapted to our budget and the accumulation of these monthly repayments becomes stifling. This is why the repurchase of credits exists.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It is more commonly called:

- Loan buyback
- Real estate loan buyback
- Loan consolidation
- Credit restructuring

This solution allows you to find financial peace and a balanced budget.



The repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans and the consolidation of credit is a financial solution allowing to decrease your monthly payments, being able to go up to 60%.

LOAN FINANCE undertakes to find you the best financial conditions, with our banking partners, by buying back all (real estate loans and consumption) or part (consumption loans) of your credits and to allow you to have a single monthly payment adapted to your income.

The repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans is often accompanied by a more or less important cash being used to finance a project without increasing its monthly expenses, to envisage a future project (purchase vehicle, studies children, house work, transition to retirement. ...)



Any individual can have access to a repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans.

That you are :

- Owner, tenant or lodged free of charge
- Employee, Retired, Artisan Trader, Company Manager, Liberal Profession ...
- Married, Single, Divorced or Widowed

The reasons for resorting to a Credit Buyback or Loan Buyback are numerous and may be different depending on each person, but the end goal is the same for everyone: A significant reduction in your monthly payments and a return to a controlled budget.



There are 5 main steps to get your loan buyback or loan buyback:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

1. The request:

Contact us by making a request on our site, by phone or by email, in order to tell us about your situation and your project.


2. The LOAN Finance proposal:

A dedicated LOAN FINANCE advisor will make a financing proposal online and send you a list of documents in order to put together your file.


3. The constitution of your file:

You can send us the requested documents by email, scan, letter, fax ... so that your LOAN FINANCE advisor can analyze your file and submit it to our banking partners.


4. The banking agreement:

A banking agreement has been obtained and a loan offer is sent to your home. This will include all the conditions concerning your new loan.


5. The release of funds:

Your new loan is set up and the old loans are all repaid.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

See an example of credit redemption.

We also bring you answers when the repurchase of consumer credits and the repurchase of credit for over-indebtedness.


Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  -  France: +33 7 56 87 29 46
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Discovering work loans - Renovation advice

A loan adapted to all your projects, equipment or work and a 100% online subscription (2)!

Fancy a new bathroom or a nice terrace? Whatever your project, the Works Loan allows you to make it happen with confidence. Whether you are an owner or a tenant, you can finance all or part of your project. You choose!

    Simulate the financing of your work and choose its terms
    Subscribe to the Personal Work Loan online (2)
    Get an immediate policy response (3)

Receive the funds as soon as your file is accepted (4)
Personal loan work: repair and bring the home up to standard

Credit is a service that makes it possible to finance and support the projects of individuals. Domestic work is part of it, loans can provide a certain comfort in the context of a renovation of one's home, for example what may concern the energy consumption of a home, the installation of a swimming pool, etc.
Personal loan work: several possibilities to improve your home

The credit for works is mainly used as part of its main or secondary residence: the expansion of rooms, the development of attics or a dressing room, the installation of a fitted kitchen, etc. This type of credit can also concern owners who wish to optimize the energy efficiency of their home by carrying out various works (installation of insulation elements, solar panels, etc.)
Loans for the renovation of your home

A loan application for work requires certain information to be gathered. Before submitting a loan application to a lender, the owner must determine the amount of renovations to be made. It is therefore recommended to solicit professionals who will carry out an inventory and can then provide an estimate for the performance of the work to be done.
A loan to invest in energy renovation

To improve the energy performance of its home, the public authorities are proposing various measures, in particular fiscal measures. The consumer can thus benefit from a tax credit, and at the same time, contribute to the protection of the environment. With the installation of photovoltaic panels and thermal insulation of the walls, it can also reduce its energy consumption.
The Personal Loan Works with a credit expert

Since its creation in 1951, LOAN FINANCIAL has supported consumers in carrying out their projects. The company also publishes, in partnership with OpinionWay, studies on household spending habits through the Sope, on various topics. This lending organization allocates funds to individuals, subject to acceptance of their request, for the completion of all arrangements through the work loan which includes fixed monthly payments throughout the repayment period.

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  -  France: +33 7 56 87 29 46
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Customer testimonials at LOAN FINANCIAL




“I read some comments on the internet, they were all very positive. Also, when my advisor told me that "LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE" could meet my request, I did not hesitate. Lots of kindness, compassion and listening from the counselors. »DOLAPE Alice

Armelle DUCHIR
Pastry chef
"Finally at home !! I would like to thank you for your efficiency and your kindness which allowed us to quickly obtain our loan and our house. I will not hesitate to advertise you to my acquaintances. Thanking you again for your help. Cordially. »Armelle DUCHIR.

“An organization up to the task !!!!!! I am very satisfied with the services of "LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE". Their services are very friendly, very clear in their explanations and very quick in their decisions. You freed me from all my chains I also love you very much !!! I recommend !" Mariam BACIUN

Marclus DUVES
“Welcoming, listening, understanding the situation without judgment. Good professional people and without calling you every day with "LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE", just for follow-up or a missing piece, always kind on calls. »Marclus DUVES.


VILOURD flower
“A very satisfactory customer experience, friendly and professional contacts, personalized follow-up with a consistent rate on the credit market. Thank you for your efficiency and for the commercial approach that I really appreciated "LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE". " VILOURD flower

Construction manager
“Unlike other companies where everything is possible and nothing is achieved, it seems that at" LOAN FINANCIAL SERVICE DE MONEY LOAN FAST AND RELIABLE ", we think about the project and we arrive at something. One suggestion: only hire staff as friendly, available and professional as my advisor. »Florent RICHARD

Hotel Director
“The customer reviews on your site convinced me to continue with you. Compared to other credit redemption organizations, the first telephone contact pleasantly surprised me, the advisor was always listening to me. The answers given on capital and costs were clear. Thank you "LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE" "Simone ROUSSEAU

Annie mizere
“File resolved quickly with unparalleled professionalism. This is not the last time that I would call on your services. Another way to take out a loan. Easy, almost immediate response, never seen that with a financial organization "FAST AND RELIABLE LOAN FINANCIAL MONEY LOAN SERVICE". »Annie Mizere


Pascale THIMON
“We thank you for the excellent job you did on our loan. Your entire team was very professional and always listening to us. We will be sure to talk about your “LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE” services around us. »Pascale THIMON


Dressing table
“Clear, simple and quick. What more could you ask for ... After the agreement in principle and the online printing of my loan offer, I just had to collect the requested papers and send them (it seems weird but it's true) . The final agreement took place within 24 hours and the funds released within three days. In short, everything happened as announced and in the simplest way possible. I really recommend "FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE" »Fidèle MARTINEZ

Jacques PUYOL
“I would like to express my thanks to you for having successfully carried out my loan buyback. You have all the qualities of a sense of organization, rigor and diplomacy. My wife and I are very satisfied "LOAN FINANCIAL QUICK AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE" "Jacques PUYOL

Secretary / Company

"Because you understand my demands, and even if your job is to sell credit, you don't do it by any means and also for the respect you gave me when I had a problem with the repayment of my monthly payments. Your "LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE" service is perfect and everyone I have had on the phone is more than pleasant. Would not change a thing ! »Modest ANGIBAULD

 Jacques-Olivier Ledard
“We have consulted your proposal via the internet. We then contacted your services. All the information was communicated to us immediately and you answered all our questions. Thank you for your "LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE" service. »Jacques-Olivier Ledard

Carolin Champoux
Company Manager
"" LOAN FINANCIAL FAST AND RELIABLE MONEY LOAN SERVICE "Serious, efficient and rapid ... outside the banking system! What can I say except a big thank you for the efficiency and also listening to my loan request ... Finally a system that does without a bank intermediary, with rates that remain very correct ... anyway, a serious thorn in my foot which was removed quickly and efficiently. I am also happy to know that the interest on this loan will partly allow certain honorable investments. In short, a priori, all good !!! »Carolin Champoux


Nicolas carruzzo
“Professionalism, excellent advice, adaptability, excellent knowledge of the types of loans and competitive rates: I was completely satisfied with your services and the excellent quality work of my interlocutor. »Nicolas Carruzzo




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Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
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In order to move forward in life, we all have to take out consumer loans or mortgage loans in order to be able to move forward in life.
These real estate loans or these consumer loans may have as their object: the acquisition of real estate, the financing of a vehicle, the carrying out of work, help to a loved one, the financing of children's studies, development of his property .....

Often the accumulation of monthly payments for these different loans (real estate or consumer) becomes heavy. This is why there are financial solutions allowing to reduce the existing monthly payments while increasing the purchasing power of each one and allowing to save again.

The repurchase of unsecured credits, more commonly called repurchase of consumer credits, is a financial solution for people who already have several loans (real estate and, or consumer) in credit organizations and or, banking institutions and wishing to reduce their monthly payments.

The repurchase of consumer loans is a loan with a term of up to 12 years. Most of the time, it comes with cash to prevent future charges (taxes, work, various purchases, etc.), without changing the bank.

The company LOAN FINANCE is at your service to assist you in your process of consolidating an unsecured loan.

Loan repurchase without guarantee for tenants
The repurchase of unsecured credits, or repurchase of consumer credits, aimed at tenants or lodgers, makes it possible to reduce the existing monthly payments while promoting the increase in purchasing power.

The new monthly payment will be added to the rent paid while respecting bank debt standards. The repurchase of loans for tenants can reduce existing monthly payments by up to 60% and makes it possible to carry out and finance new projects. LOAN FINANCE, your loan repurchase broker (and loan consolidation), supports you in your process in order to carry out your project and find the most interesting banking conditions.

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  -  France: +33 7 56 87 29 46
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Wedding loan



Why take out a “wedding loan”?

If your budget is insufficient, taking out a loan can help cover some of the costs. You could then prepare your wedding in good conditions and offer yourself the ceremony you have always dreamed of.

You and your future spouse wouldn't be the only ones considering borrowing.

There are no official statistics on how many couples choose this option, but according to Sofinscope and Le Figaro, nearly one in two couples decide to use a loan to finance their marriage.
The characteristics of a "marriage loan"

It is relatively easy to subscribe to a "marriage loan", because all banks and financial institutions offer this type of loan.

It is similar to classic consumer loans intended to finance studies, a move ... You do not have to provide proof of marriage, but this document may possibly allow you to borrow at a better rate.
Calculate the borrowing capacity

The APR (Global Effective Annual Rate) allows you to calculate the total amount you will have to reimburse. It includes all the costs associated with taking out a loan. This is a very effective tool for comparing the rates charged by banking institutions.

A loan simulation can also help you when planning your budget. By doing a simulation, you will be able to realize that you may be able to fulfill a wish that you thought you had to give up.
Choosing the right bank

Banks are generally not very inclined to grant "small loans" (around 5,000 euros), because these types of loans earn them less. The APR can therefore vary considerably from one bank to another. It is therefore essential to compare several offers, in order to choose the one that suits you best. The following example illustrates the discrepancies that can be seen in the amount to be repaid, due to the fact that banks offer APRs which can be very different.

The cheapest credit found on the market has an APR of 4.65%; the most expensive credit, an APR of 12.86%. Suppose you would need 5,000 euros to complete the financing of your wedding. The deadline for repaying the borrowed amount would be 48 months.

    With an APR of 4.65%, the amount of the monthly payment amounts to 114.14 euros and the cost of credit is 478.72 euros.
    With an APR of 12.86%, the amount of the monthly payment amounts to 132.06 euros and the cost of the loan is 1,338.88 euros.

For the same amount borrowed, there is a difference of nearly 1,000 euros. Hence the importance of choosing the right bank!
Should you borrow with your future husband?

It is possible that one of the future spouses decides to take out a "marriage loan" alone. In this case, he alone agrees to repay the loan. As long as the marriage has not been officially registered, the other future spouse, if he has not become a co-borrower, is not obliged to repay the loan in place of the borrower in the event of payment default.

However, a loan application is more likely to succeed if the future spouses show solidarity. They can also borrow more and at a better rate. The future spouse who agrees to be a co-borrower, on the other hand, undertakes to ensure the repayment of the credit in the event of default by the borrower.

You now know the important points to take into account to organize your wedding in the best conditions.

Celebrating a wedding is a once in a lifetime event! Do not hesitate to do a mock loan if you feel that your contribution is insufficient to organize the wedding of your dreams.

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
WhatsApp Telefon: +49 17 627 985 007  -  France: +33 7 56 87 29 46
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Comment financer son mariage : prêt et aides financières




Property loans - Real estate loan



To get the best rate, comparison is a key step.

Because you are embarking on a real estate project, a first purchase, a rental investment, the purchase of a second home or a real estate loan buyback, the financing conditions, and in particular the real estate rate, occupy your thoughts. Loans, a financing broker, will accompany you in this stage of life and will negotiate the best conditions for your mortgage for you.

The period is indeed very favorable for financing the purchase of real estate with a mortgage. Why not take advantage of the low rates and longer terms? Moreover, in addition to protecting borrowers from over-indebtedness, the State and communities greatly promote home ownership, particularly through the many assisted loans, to which you may be entitled!

To put the odds in your favor, be well prepared. Loan Financial has rolled up its sleeves to analyze how a mortgage works in the following lines and help you achieve your project!

1. Understand everything about mortgage loan
How does a mortgage work?

Understanding how a loan works means mastering the concept of "interest". They represent both the main cost in financing a real estate acquisition and the heart of the mechanics of banks. In addition, the operation of a mortgage is not very intuitive! So we are giving you some clarification.

Most borrowers have a so-called amortizable loan (more on this below). How does it work ? Already, remember that you will have to pay interest and part of the principal on each monthly payment, but the share of both changes during the loan. Moreover :

The monthly payments are constant;
The interest is proportional to the outstanding capital. Calculate your interest.

They are therefore important at the start of the loan and decrease over time. The repaid capital (or amortized capital) is the difference between the monthly payment and the interest paid. Unlike interest, the repaid capital increases from month to month.
In addition, the mortgage is in the majority of cases associated with a personal contribution. This is the amount of money you will have to pay out of pocket when you buy it. Generally banks ask to contribute at least 10% of the price of the property, which corresponds to the notary and guarantee fees. In fact, the more money you have, the more reassured your banker will be - but that's no reason to put your money aside, keep a safety mattress!
Guarantee and insure your mortgage.

Home loan insurance
You can not cut it, taking out borrower insurance is mandatory to obtain a mortgage. And so much the better, since it guarantees the reimbursement of monthly payments in the event of a hard blow. It’s even a great way to protect yourself and your family.
There are several possible levels of coverage, from minimum subsistence to more comprehensive coverage. The minimum level of coverage varies depending on the project. Death insurance is compulsory. It ensures the repayment of the loan in the event of the death of one of the co-borrowers. It is always coupled with one or more disability insurance. There are several types of contracts covering different degrees of disability (partial or total) and inability to work (temporary or irreversible). The cost of insurance varies widely depending on the contract, Loan Financial can help you minimize it.

To guard against the risk of default, banks require that the loan also be covered by a guarantee. It allows the reimbursement of the credit in the event of payment default outside of cases covered by insurance. This collateral costs you around 1% of the loan amount. There are two types of guarantees: surety organizations and mortgage (or real guarantee). The choice of guarantee depends partly on the bank: some banks will almost always favor the guarantee, others the real guarantee. A bond is generally less expensive than a real security.

Choosing the right mortgage

There are different types of loan: most real estate loans granted in France are said to be “amortisable”.
Redeemable loan
The depreciable loan is the most common, it is the one that we offer in most cases after the simulation of your mortgage. Its duration varies between 5 and 30 years, but in Germany borrowers choose an average of 18 years, according to Crédit Logement.


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Do you want to go on a caravan adventure? New or used, with or without contribution, your new caravan awaits you thanks to this loan made for it.

    Simulate your caravan loan and choose its terms,
    Subscribe to the financing of your caravan online (2)
    Get an immediate policy response (3)
    Receive the funds as soon as your file is accepted (4)

Personal Caravan loan: leisure and autonomy

Consumer credit can finance most projects, such as buying a caravan if you plan to travel in a vehicle while sightseeing. The Caravan Personal Loan is a financing solution to achieve your project and live your holidays differently.

Personal Caravan loan, an invitation to travel.

Consumer credit, intended for individuals, is intended to finance their life projects such as buying a caravan. Borrowers have the option, if they wish, to take out a loan for their future caravans. To experience holidays in complete freedom, to move freely with your vehicle on the roads and to bivouac at your leisure, this type of financing solution is there to support you.

The Caravan Personal Loan: a taste of the holidays

The caravan is a camping vehicle to tow habitable for short or long stays. It allows you to move freely from one place to another for leisure during holidays. These vehicles can be financed by loans adapted to best meet the expectations of customers who would like to enjoy all the comforts of a mobile home.
The financial solution to acquire a trailer

The Caravan Personal Loan is an unallocated loan. The constitution of your credit file does not require you to provide proof of purchase. If the Personal Caravan Loan is the subject of a favorable opinion (1), the borrower will receive by mail a credit contract offer to be returned completed, dated and signed with all the supporting documents requested.

The Personal Caravan Loan

The financial institution, a brand of the CA Consumer Finance group, has been supporting individuals in their projects for many years. This proposed loan allows the purchase of a new or used caravan (up to 9 years old), with or without personal contribution. In addition, a fixed annual percentage rate (APR) guarantees a constant monthly payment throughout the duration of the financing.

Contact us to get your credit:

Address: Charlottenstraße 33 / 33a, 10117 Berlin /  32 Rue de Saint-Pétersbourg, 75008 Paris, France.
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