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A loan adapted to your two-wheeler desires, coupled with a 100% online subscription! (2)

Do you want to buy a motorcycle? New or used, with or without a contribution, the Personal Motorcycle Loan allows you to make your dream come true.

    Simulate your motorcycle loan and choose its terms
    Subscribe directly online (2)
    Get an immediate policy response (3)

Receive the funds as soon as your file is accepted (4)
The Personal Motorcycle Loan to move freely

A Personal Motorcycle Loan is intended to purchase a motorcycle, new or used (up to 9 years). For this vehicle, which concentrates around it a community of enthusiasts, consumer credit can be a financing solution for all types of motorized two-street.
Loan: a loan adapted to many models

The objective of consumer credit is to support and finance the projects of individuals. The purchase of a motorcycle is certainly one of the most famous, as motorcycles have helped to change the habits of enthusiasts. The industry produces many models of two-wheelers, which makes the Prêt Perso Moto a diversified financing.
Loans for two-wheelers: the principle of the unallocated loan

The Personal Motorcycle Loan is unallocated financing. In other words, the financial institution does not ask for any proof of purchase in addition to the usual documents (financial situation, name and address of the customer, etc.). When the credit is the subject of a favorable opinion subject to acceptance (1), the applicant is then sent a financial offer.
A wide choice of vehicles to finance

Credit reports relate to many models of motorcycles. To each his own style. There are four main sub-families: off-road (trail), sport, road or custom (extended front fork). In addition to the type of bodywork, the price of the machine will also vary depending on its displacement (engine size). Motorcycle credit therefore adapts to the needs of each borrower.
The Personal Motorcycle Loan

Sofinco is a brand of the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group, which has existed since 1951 in France. In order to allow the public to discover its motorcycle offer, the financial institution offers a 3-step process, without prior commitment and free of charge:

    Perform an online simulation to discover the financing characteristics: monthly payments, annual percentage rate and repayment period
    Apply for a loan online and get an immediate response in principle
    The return by courier of the completed, dated and signed credit file with the required documents


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