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Mobile Home loan: the caravan all year round

The depreciable loan is a consumer credit that helps finance the projects of individuals. It is the financing solution adapted to the purchase of a mobile home, a dwelling mounted on a rolling chassis. This can be financed by a loan allocated to the purchase of mobile homes.
Mobile Home loan: a habitat for all seasons

Technological progress and the search for more comfortable accommodation have allowed this type of housing to flourish. The Mobile Home Loan is the financing solution to carry out this project. This particular construction is a hybrid between a house and a caravan. It is a housing, habitable all year round, which rests on a rolling frame. On the other hand, this vehicle rarely circulates on the road, and requires an exceptional convoy to be routed to its place of destination.
Loans for mobile homes

What category does the mobile home belong to? Is it a trailer or a house? At Sofinco, loans for these mobile homes are similar to those granted for the acquisition of vehicles (motorhomes, etc.): they are assigned credits. By definition, this category of loan implies that the application must include, among other things, proof of purchase.
Regulations related to trailers

A mobile home is defined in France according to the AFNOR standard as a leisure residence. This standard defines among others the following elements:
- A living area of ​​40 m2 maximum.
- The obligation to settle in a campsite.
- It cannot be a primary residence.
- The mobility of the vehicle must be ensured at all times if necessary.
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Brand of the Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance group offers financial solutions tailored to each client according to their life plans. For the purchase of a mobile home, a simulation and a loan request can be made directly on our website. This gives the possibility of obtaining an online financing proposal which includes all the financial information of the loan such as the Annual Global Effective Rate (APR) and the monthly payments.


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