The personal loan, urgent credit or urgent credit express is in France a category of consumer credit whose characteristic is that it does not finance a specific purchase (unaffected loan). Like any consumer loan, it is taken out by an individual for a period of between a few months or a few years (generally not beyond 7 years) under which it is made available to a natural person, after the legal deadline withdrawal, a sum of money that will be reimbursed in periodic installments, most often monthly installments.

Realize all your projects with personal credit or personal loan.

Borrow up to 500,000,000 euros, enough to make all your desires come true! What's your next project?
Buy new furniture, Go on a trip, Finance studies, Get married, etc.

All of this can be financed through a personal loan.

Are you facing an unforeseen expense? A personal loan also allows you to pay your taxes, pay a hospital bill, finance the funeral of a loved one ...

Who can sign a credit agreement?

Anyone can take out a personal loan. There are, however, three conditions to be met:

Being older than 18,
Receive income regularly,
Be able to repay the personal loan.

How much can I borrow?
With us, you can borrow between 1,000 and 500,000,000 €

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