In order to move forward in life, we all have to take out consumer loans or mortgage loans in order to be able to move forward in life.
These real estate loans or these consumer loans may have as their object: the acquisition of real estate, the financing of a vehicle, the carrying out of work, help to a loved one, the financing of children's studies, development of his property .....

Often the accumulation of monthly payments for these different loans (real estate or consumer) becomes heavy. This is why there are financial solutions allowing to reduce the existing monthly payments while increasing the purchasing power of each one and allowing to save again.

The repurchase of unsecured credits, more commonly called repurchase of consumer credits, is a financial solution for people who already have several loans (real estate and, or consumer) in credit organizations and or, banking institutions and wishing to reduce their monthly payments.

The repurchase of consumer loans is a loan with a term of up to 12 years. Most of the time, it comes with cash to prevent future charges (taxes, work, various purchases, etc.), without changing the bank.

The company LOAN FINANCE is at your service to assist you in your process of consolidating an unsecured loan.

Loan repurchase without guarantee for tenants
The repurchase of unsecured credits, or repurchase of consumer credits, aimed at tenants or lodgers, makes it possible to reduce the existing monthly payments while promoting the increase in purchasing power.

The new monthly payment will be added to the rent paid while respecting bank debt standards. The repurchase of loans for tenants can reduce existing monthly payments by up to 60% and makes it possible to carry out and finance new projects. LOAN FINANCE, your loan repurchase broker (and loan consolidation), supports you in your process in order to carry out your project and find the most interesting banking conditions.

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