Today, we all have to take out consumer loans or mortgage loans in order to be able to move forward in life.

These various loans can have for object: the acquisition of a real estate, the financing of a vehicle, the realization of works, the assistance to a relative, the financing of the studies of the children, the arrangement of his good. ....

Often the accumulation of monthly payments for these loans (real estate or consumer) becomes heavy. This is why there are financial solutions allowing to reduce the existing monthly payments while increasing the purchasing power of each one and allowing to save again.

Repurchase of credits with guarantee for the owners

The repurchase of credits with guarantee, is a financial solution for the people owners, having loans (real estate and, or consumption) and wishing to reduce their monthly payments.

The duration of the repurchase of credit with guarantee oscillates between 5 and 30 years. Most of the time, it comes with unallocated cash) to prevent future charges (taxes, works, miscellaneous purchases, etc.) or to finance another project (vehicle purchase, aid to a close ...) without changing bank

Thanks to LOAN Finance and its guaranteed loan repurchase offer, you will be able to finalize your projects and regain financial stability.

Your consumer loans significantly cut your budget, and your debt ratio makes you ineligible for new loans from your bank. You are a homeowner, and you need to do work on your home, but the accumulation of all your credits prevents you from doing it.

In the current economic climate, and in view of credit restrictions, it is increasingly difficult for individuals to be eligible for the financing they seek.

LOAN Finance offers you a loan buyback or a complete credit consolidation, including your mortgage and your consumer loans in order to find a balanced budget.

For owners, the motivations can be diverse, such as renegotiating a variable rate for a fixed rate, reducing existing monthly payments by up to 60%, anticipating a future drop in income (switching to retirement, parental leave ....), carrying out new projects without increasing your monthly budget, helping your loved ones ....

This financial solution allows the bank to have a guarantee on your property (mortgage or deposit), based on the value of it, so that the conditions for accepting your file will be much more favorable.

Shiva Finance, with its experience of more than 10 years in the repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans, is committed to your side in order to find an adequate strategy and unique of refinancing. A precise and free analysis of your file will allow us to find you the best conditions with our French or foreign banking partners.

Buyback of unsecured credits for owners

The repurchase of unsecured credits, or repurchase of consumer credits, aimed at homeowners, makes it possible to reduce existing maturities while promoting the increase in purchasing power.

If you are an owner, it is possible to buy back all of your consumer loans without buying back your mortgage and by including a cash flow allowing the realization of a new project. With this repurchase of consumer loans, you will keep the maturity of your mortgage with its initial rate while reducing your monthly payments and without changing banks. The duration of a consumer loan buyback (or loan consolidation) can be up to 12 years.

LOAN FINANCE, your loan repurchase broker (and loan consolidation), supports you in your process in order to carry out your project and find the most interesting banking conditions.

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