As life becomes more and more expensive, we all have recourse to taking out loans to buy everyday consumer goods, develop housing, acquire a means of transport, finance the purchase of real estate ...

The monthly payments of these different loans are not always adapted to our budget and the accumulation of these monthly repayments becomes stifling. This is why the repurchase of credits exists.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It is more commonly called:

- Loan buyback
- Real estate loan buyback
- Loan consolidation
- Credit restructuring

This solution allows you to find financial peace and a balanced budget.



The repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans and the consolidation of credit is a financial solution allowing to decrease your monthly payments, being able to go up to 60%.

LOAN FINANCE undertakes to find you the best financial conditions, with our banking partners, by buying back all (real estate loans and consumption) or part (consumption loans) of your credits and to allow you to have a single monthly payment adapted to your income.

The repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans is often accompanied by a more or less important cash being used to finance a project without increasing its monthly expenses, to envisage a future project (purchase vehicle, studies children, house work, transition to retirement. ...)



Any individual can have access to a repurchase of credits or repurchase of loans.

That you are :

- Owner, tenant or lodged free of charge
- Employee, Retired, Artisan Trader, Company Manager, Liberal Profession ...
- Married, Single, Divorced or Widowed

The reasons for resorting to a Credit Buyback or Loan Buyback are numerous and may be different depending on each person, but the end goal is the same for everyone: A significant reduction in your monthly payments and a return to a controlled budget.



There are 5 main steps to get your loan buyback or loan buyback:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

1. The request:

Contact us by making a request on our site, by phone or by email, in order to tell us about your situation and your project.


2. The LOAN Finance proposal:

A dedicated LOAN FINANCE advisor will make a financing proposal online and send you a list of documents in order to put together your file.


3. The constitution of your file:

You can send us the requested documents by email, scan, letter, fax ... so that your LOAN FINANCE advisor can analyze your file and submit it to our banking partners.


4. The banking agreement:

A banking agreement has been obtained and a loan offer is sent to your home. This will include all the conditions concerning your new loan.


5. The release of funds:

Your new loan is set up and the old loans are all repaid.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

See an example of credit redemption.

We also bring you answers when the repurchase of consumer credits and the repurchase of credit for over-indebtedness.


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